Get your pins in shape for summer

Get your pins in shape for summer

It’s finally here! We thought it would never come, but Summer has finally arrived and we’ve never been happier to see it. It’s at this time of year that some lucky folk jet off to exotic places whilst the others stay to soak up the local sun. Either way, regardless of location, it’s also the time of year when our body insecurities come to the fore as summer t-shirts and shorts come out of storage and into our summer wardrobe.

The unseasonal snow in March and unanticipated heat wave in June has left us with high hopes of more sun for the coming months, but for many women the thought of facing the warmer weather in a pair of shorts is nothing short of a nightmare. We’re constantly bombarded with images of celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Cameron Diaz with their flawless figures and enviable pins which only help to feed our insecurities.

Unsightly spider veins and lumps and bumps often leave women feeling less than confident about baring our limbs by donning a pair of shorts in the warmer weather. Many women would much rather hide their legs in a pair of trousers or a long skirt. There is, however, a solution.

If you want to improve the appearance of your legs without going under the knife, The Clinic on Belfast’s Lisburn Road can help. Offering a wide range of non-surgical and non-intrusive treatments, The Clinic can help tackle any unsightly problems your legs may suffer from and can you put on the road to smoothing out any imperfections. It’s recommended to consult a therapist early on to ensure the best results.


This is a treatment designed to improve the appearance of spidery thread veins which usually appear near the surface of the skin and come up in a red, blue or purple form. Whilst less than 1 to 2mm in diameter and not considered a ‘medical issue’, thread veins are unsightly and often come worse with pregnancy and age. The Clinic offers a straightforward solution to this common problem. Sclerotherapy is a simple procedure performed by our skilled practitioner, which involves injecting a solution into the vein using a micro-needle which in turns causes the fading of the vein from sight.

This treatment takes around an hour and is virtually pain-free. Suitable for all skin types, this is a treatment many clients undergo during their lunch break as no recovery time is required.

Endermologie LPG

In the case of lumps and bumps, also known as cellulite, it’s Endermologie LPG that can help. This treatment is non-invasive and tackles the appearance of dimpled cellulite skin which is often found on the thighs and upper leg, even on those who are fit. It’s a misconceived idea that with weight loss, cellulite diminishes; it’s the top layer of fat under the skin where cellulite is formed which is why Endermologie LPG is more often recommended by surgeons as both a pre and post-liposuction treatment.

This technique was originally devised as a treatment for injuries to muscles, however Endermologie LPG is now used as a high-tech way of delivering a deep tissue lymphatic drainage massage to the skin to improve the appearance of cellulite. Using a hand piece that vigorously ‘rollers’ the skin, it targets the connective tissue just beneath the surface and is able to go much, much deeper than the therapist’s hands, with specific manoeuvres tailored to treat different cellulite types.

Clients are recommended to allow an hour for the treatment which is non-invasive, and while for the most part is similar to that of a gentle massage, areas of dense cellulite may be uncomfortable. Benefits include reduction of water retention and bloating, breakdown and elimination of fat cells, detoxification, cellulite reduction and the stimulation of collagen to produce stronger, firmer skin.


All procedures are administered by a fully qualified aesthetic practitioner. Prior to any treatment the experienced team at The Clinic will discuss the process and talk through any questions or concern you might have.