Beach body ready

Beach body ready

Summer is a season that often creeps up on us and appears out of nowhere; not that we’re complaining after a long winter!

However nice the weather though, there is always that niggling feeling in the back of our minds that has us worried about bearing all in the sun, whether you’re going all out in a bikini abroad like Mum of one, Dannii Minogue, or just making the most of the local sun in a t-shirt and shorts.

Never fear, at The Clinic on the Lisburn Road there is a range of the latest and most advanced non-surgical cosmetic treatments on offer to help you get summer-ready. These non-invasive procedures can help deliver real results without going under the surgeon’s knife. However, it is recommended you consult a therapist as early as possible, as a series of treatments over time will deliver the best results.


A simplistic, painless and highly effective procedure, Sclerotherapy is carried out by a highly skilled, experienced practitioner and is aimed at reducing the appearance of both thread and spidery veins. These veins may not be a medical issue, but they can be unsightly and a source of embarrassment for some women, which explains why this is such a popular treatment.

The procedure itself involves injecting a solution into the vein itself via a micro-needle; causing the vein to collapse. The results are visible in a matter of weeks as the veins themselves fade, along with your insecurities allowing you to enjoy the weather and truly embrace and love your beach body.

Endermologie LPG

Snow in March meant we experienced a prolonged winter, the season that is attributed to causing bloating and leaving your body less toned than you would like.

The solution to this problem? Endermologie LPG. Originally used to treat muscle injury, Endermologie is a high tech, non-invasive procedure that massages the skin resulting in the dramatic improvement in the appearance of cellulite and body contouring.

Lasting just 35 minutes, the treatment may be mildly uncomfortable at times where there is a dense concentration of cellulite; however the treatment feels similar to that of a gentle massage.

The experienced therapist uses a hand piece that rollers the skin to target the connective tissue that lies beneath the surface and adapts manoeuvres for specific body types. The treatment has been known to reduce the level of water retention, bloating, elimination of fat cells, detoxification, and stimulation of collagen for stronger, firmer skin and of course the reduction of cellulite. It is a procedure recommended by surgeons as both a pre-op and post-op solution for body surgery, such as liposuction. This treatment is the ideal way to ensure all of your body looks toned and beach-ready.


These treatments will leave you feeling rejuvenated and body confident, allowing you to really enjoy the warmer months and make the most of the little sunshine we get.

All procedures are administered by a fully qualified aesthetic practitioner. Prior to any treatment, the experienced team at The Clinic will discuss the process and talk through any questions or concerns you might have.