Don’t display the seasonal change on your skin

Don't display the seasonal change on your skin

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, there’s a cool chill in the air and you’ve replaced your morning cereal with a piping hot bowl of porridge: Autumn is most definitely here. Now the sun is hiding and our skin is crying out for Vitamin D, but don’t let the change in seasons to the dull winter months display itself on your face.

It’s no secret that changes in weather can lead to a change in skin; from the healthy summer glow to the dulled winter complexion and it’s something a lot of women struggle to tackle. Never fear, as there is always a solution, and The Clinic on Belfast’s very own Lisburn Road, can help. You don’t need to go under the knife to rejuvenate your skin, so for a complexion to match Heidi Klum’s, just pop into The Clinic and consult a therapist who can advise you on their range of non-surgical, non-invasive treatments.

Dermal Fillers

When the seasons change, skin becomes duller and uneven. The appearance of uneven skin can be treated by dermal fillers which are both non-invasive and target-specific. Dermal fillers work by injecting tiny amounts of non-animal based hyaluronic acid into the skin. This treatment can temporarily halt or even reverse the ageing process by restoring volume and elasticity where you need it most. They work to plump up the skin’s surface and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles to leave perfectly smooth and supple skin.

Epionce Skin Peels and Products

Chemical peels are used to treat uneven, dull skin as well as blemishes and fine lines. Essentially, chemical solutions are applied to the skin sparking the superficial, dead layers of skin to separate and peel off, allowing the stimulation of new healthy cells to be produced. As a result of this process, skin looks brighter, fresher and has an overall softer, more youthful glow.

This treatment is usually administered a month or two before any big event to allow time for the skin to fully recover and to prepare for fresh healthy skin cells to develop.

Juvéderm VOLUMA

This is a brand new treatment that The Clinic has introduced which is used to create a lasting natural-looking facial to contour and restore youth to your skin. Juvéderm VOLUMA, can restore the face’s balance and heart-shaped proportions, volumising facial hollows and lost volume and re-contouring the cheeks, cheekbones, and nose for a fuller, softer, more youthful appearance.

This non-invasive procedure delivers real results without going under the surgeon’s knife. The earlier you receive this treatment the better, so consult a therapist as soon as possible.

All procedures are administered by a fully qualified aesthetic practitioner. Prior to any treatment, the experienced team at The Clinic will discuss the process and talk through any questions or concerns you might have.