Love your face as much as your beach body

Love your face as much as your beach body

It may have felt like an eternity but summer is finally here. We’ve already had a few days of sunshine and we’re excited for even more! It seems as if everyone has spent the past few months gearing themselves up for the warmer months with strict diets and fitness regimes so they feel confident in their favourite summer wear; shorts, swimsuits, summer dresses and even bikinis!

However, it’s important to remember that your face can be just as telling a sign of ageing and health, especially under the harsh light of the sun and its strong and damaging rays. Yes, we all get hung up on our bodies as we prepare to bare more flesh in the summer months, but it’s important that we keep our face looking just as young and healthy as everywhere else.

This is the time of year when the camera comes out; whether it’s to capture the beautiful sights on a summer holiday, preserve the memories on a wedding day or even to document an evening out with your friends, creating lasting reminders of how you looked and felt. So you’ll want to look fresh and youthful, whatever the occasion.

According to facial aesthetic expert Dr. Herve Raspaldo, ‘an attractive face is characterised by smooth, round contours, high cheekbones, hollow jowls and a thin, well-defined jawline. These features together comprise the “triangle of beauty”, with its base at the top and summit below.

As we age, facial fat loss, gravity, and loss of the skin’s natural elasticity conspire to reverse this triangle’s composition, leading to a narrower, less youthful forehead and temple area, and a wider, heavier jawline. Luckily, The Clinic has recently introduced a brand new treatment, Juvéderm VOLUMA, that promises to create lasting natural-looking facial contouring that will ensure your face matches your beach body. Think Reese Witherspoon and Sophie Dahl, two women renowned for their youthful skin and heart-shaped faces.

Juvéderm VOLUMA, is a simple procedure that can restore the face’s balance and heart-shaped proportions, volumising facial hollows and lost volume and re-contouring the cheeks, cheekbones, and the area around the nose for a fuller, softer, more youthful appearance.

This non-invasive procedure delivers real results without going under the surgeon’s knife. The earlier you receive this treatment the better, so consult a therapist as soon as possible to ensure you look like a younger version of yourself for summer and beyond.

All procedures are administered by a fully qualified aesthetic practitioner. Prior to any treatment, the experienced team at The Clinic will discuss the process and talk through any questions or concerns you might have.

For your free consultation and to find out more about Juvéderm VOLUMA contact Jackie at The Clinic.