The Perfect Pout

The Perfect Pout

One most attractive features of a beautiful face is a set of full and healthy lips which signify youth and beg to be kissed. Victoria’s Secret model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the perfect example of how beautiful, full lips can enhance your look and give you a bit of added confidence.

However, it’s a physiological fact that lips become thinner as we age, so fuller or firmer lips can have the effect of taking years off one’s apparent age. While some people resort to surgical implants (Leslie Ash being a reminder how things can go wrong) at The Clinic we offer a safe non-surgical option in the form of a non perminant dermal implant which is hugely popular amongst our clients.

Dermal fillers is a painless treatment which can be used to add volume to the lips giving a fuller, more youthful appearance thus creating a beautifully defined mouth. The dermal fillers are injected along the borders of the lips and into the cupids bow to accentuate the lip line giving a more shapely and pouty appearance.

Today, the trend in fillers seems to be hyaluronic-acid based solutions as this is a naturally occurring substance in the skin.
At The Clinic I use two products for lip enhancements; Juvéderm and Restalyne Lipp. Upon an initial consultation, a medical practitioner will decide which of these will work best for my client depending on their individual characteristics and cosmetic needs.

Juvéderm is a well-known dermal filler proven to last for 6 -12 months. It’s also the first filler of its kind to contain an anesthetic to make treatment more comfortable.

Restalyne is a similar product and is also made from hyaluronic acid so there is less chance of an allergic reaction than collagen injections and the results are lovely and natural.

Fillers are not just used to plump up the lips but can work on problem areas around the mouth. A lot of my clients are smokers, or former smokers, who have been left with vertical lines at their top lip. These lines can be effectively reduced by the dermal filler treatment into the lips.
Ultimately, it’s important to choose a treatment which will create a look that’s subtle but different, by enhancing the natural look of the lips. At The Clinic I offer a free consultation to help you decide on the best choice of treatment for your particular skin condition and am always on hand to discuss any queries you may have. All procedures are administered by a fully qualified nurse practitioner who has over 17 years of experience in the field.