The 8-point facelift

The 8-point facelift

The innovative 8 Point Facelift treatment can give you a youthful looking glow without invasive cosmetic surgery.

Perfect for refreshing the face ahead of the summer months, this treatment will restore volume in eight strategic areas using a small amount of dermal fillers, to give lift and support without discomfort or downtime.

Pioneered by Brazilian aesthetic industry leader and plastic surgeon Mauricio de Maio, our resident advanced aesthetic nurse practitioner Deborah Elwiss-McNally carries out the treatment here in The Clinic.

You need a professional and in the business of facial skincare, experience and training are of the utmost importance. Deborah Elwiss-McNally has over 24 years’ experience and trains every year with Dr Mauricio every year at an invitation only training seminar.

So what is an 8 point face lift?

The 45-minute procedure is based around eight suggested injection sites, although that’s not to say you will be injected in each area. This is a bespoke treatment, that works with the individual’s features to ensure the best result for their face.

The first three points are along the cheekbone and under the tear trough, point four is along the nasal-labial folds down from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth, point five is under the bottom lip, six and seven are along the jawline and finally number eight is at the front of the ear.

The results from this tailored treatment are impressive: cheekbones will be lifted, hollows under the eyes diminished, lines from the nose-to-mouth reduced and there can even be a tweak upwards at the corners of the mouth, removing any hint of a frown. Symmetry, the most universal beauty aesthetic which determines the appeal of a face to another’s eye, is created or restored, to leave the individual feeling like the best version of themselves.

The latest technology in fillers means that results now last around 18 months,

On its own or combined with Botox, the 8 Point Lift is ideal for clients who want to combat the early signs of ageing but for whom it’s still too soon for facelift surgery. It is also the perfect treatment for those who don’t want to go under the knife and make a permanent change to their visage.

Subtle, but effective, the 8 Point Lift should last around 18 months depending on the individual.

All procedures are administered by a fully qualified aesthetic practitioner. Prior to any treatment, the team at The Clinic will discuss any questions or concerns you might have.