Sweeten the deal

Sweeten the deal

Sugar and spice will only get you so far this Valentine’s Day

With one of the most romantic days of the year looming, Love Hearts are the quintessential sweet treat to give or receive on Valentine’s Day. Analysing each one, figuring out whether it is relevant to us, a friend or a significant other, often distracts us from paying ourselves the attention we need.

This annual celebration is all about sharing the love with our nearest and dearest, but I think there is no better time to love ourselves and focus on what could make us feel, and look, better. We have a range of treatments at The Clinic that won’t take long to work their magic in time for that romantic dinner, or night in front of the TV on the 14th!

Luscious Lips

Lips are one of the most sensual features of the whole body and a perfectly kissable pout can really enhance our look. Our top of the range selection of dermal fillers offer products to restore fullness, improve definition and help lips appear healthier to achieve your desired look.

We always suggest that you allow a few days before meeting your Valentine to get this treatment. However, the injectables last up to four to six months transforming even the thinnest of lips into a healthy pout.

Love your skin

Romantic lighting can only get us so far as crows’ feet and those tell-tale lines can bely our age, or simply give an unwanted first impression for a special date night. Anti-wrinkle injections can really lift your whole face by brightening your eyes and are easily the most popular non-surgical for being virtually pain free and safe.

The injections relax the facial muscles reducing excessive facial movement on specific areas of your face. Results will be visible within three to seven days, lasting anywhere between four to six months, revealing a natural, rejuvenated and softer look.

Yes to the dress

If you suffer from thread or spider veins on your legs and have an LBD burning a hole in your wardrobe, Sclerotherapy is the ideal treatment. The procedure is simple, effective and painless and combats the appearance of the veins which usually appear near the surface of the skin.

One treatment could be sufficient or a few over the course of a few weeks, the vessels fade and are almost undetectable, just in time for your special evening, allowing you to say yes to wearing THAT dress.