Summer 2022 Northern Ireland Beauty Trends!

Northern Ireland Summer Beauty Trends 2022

It’s summer! What beauty trends are hot in Northern Ireland right now?

Did you read this with images of the sun, longer daylight, beach, vacation, or warmer temperatures in mind? Yes? I know I did as I wrote it. I also had a complementary image of some rainfall and clouds along with the images of sunshine because, well, this is Northern Ireland and the weather here can be all types of ways in all types of seasons. Although at the minute it feels more like the Bahamas!

On seasons, just as every season has its weather patterns and peculiarities, they also impact people’s beauty and fashion choices. The summer 2022 beauty trends predictions are in from some of the top individuals in the beauty industry and we are already seeing some of them around.

What are they?

Just as no one thing makes us for beauty, these trends cover everything from make-up, or the lack of, to skincare, to nails, and hair. Let’s cover some of these.


Summer 2022 hair trends include:

– an infusion of textures to give hair volume

– the presence of waves, beach, and natural hair waves to mimic the ocean wave patterns

– accessorizing with beads, ribbons, etc

– tinting in strawberry or orange shades to serve as a perfect balance against the sky’s backdrop

– an infusion of wet gels to achieve a wet look.


Summer 2022 nail trends include:

– preference for summer-popular shapes like almond, square, and coffin shapes

– the use of bright colors

– bejeweled nails to give that extra flash.


– Skinimalism. This is a popular way of saying “skin minimalism.” During summer, the frequent trips to the beach, any of the many spots in and around Northern Ireland, or maybe even your pool would discourage heavy investment of time and energy in a skincare routine. While these would still be done, by some, they would be minimal.

– Skinimalism would call for the use of natural products that derive as many benefits as their chemical-based alternatives. Asides from topical usage of natural skincare products, skiinimalism would also call for use of procedures like acupressure and massage.


These summer 2022 makeup trends are to draw focus to at least one part of the body, mostly the face.

– Eyeliners. These are any of messy eyeliners, double eyeliner, or brightly colored eyeliner applications. In whichever way this is used, it draws attention to the wearer’s eyes, and as a result, the wearer can have minimal makeup on the rest of their face.

– Blush. A variety of blush shades, from rose pink to gold, to achieve a bronzed look, are used to accentuate the cheeks and draw attention to them. With flushed cheeks, the wearer can go for light or heavy makeup on the other parts of their face, both work.

– Lips. A lot of gloss is used to draw attention to the lips. The lips can be further accentuated by lining them to give them a fuller look.

– Glow, to achieve that sun-kissed look, is gotten through moisturizer application, or the use of just the right foundation.


With any, or some, of these summer 2022 makeup trends, you are ready to get into your sandals, have on the sundress you saved for this summer and walk around the Titanic Belfast. Or anywhere else you want to go, really. These are sure to help you stand out from the crowd, if you’d like, while also blending with summer and the current summer theme.

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