One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Cosmetic Treatment Questions

Not all Cosmetic Treatments are the same. And not every person needs the same treatment.

We love it when our customers (or potential customers) ask us questions about any of our cosmetic treatments. And with so much disinformation available online, it’s important to get your information from professional consultants who aren’t just trying to sell you a product. Social Media is an amazing tool, not just for staying in touch with your friends, but also to find out what’s new in a topic that interests you. Whether it is sport, fashion, culture, politics. You name it. Social media is chock full of details. But when it comes to beauty, there are endless channels, and even more experts.

However, not all “experts” are made equal. And with the evolution of Influencers who get paid to promote and sell products, you have to be more careful that ever before. Some of these people have no qualms about stating that their products are completely safe and natural, even though their products are not properly tested and definitely not safe. They would never pass a proper laboratory test. Unfortunately we hear lots of stories about injectables (particularly for tanning) that should never ever be allowed to be made, let alone sold.

That is why we love our customers asking us questions. We have done the training, the certification, the courses, the exams, the safety inspections, you name it we’ve done. And that allows us to give proper expert advice on all our products, and also the ones that we wouldn’t use. Which we think is sometimes just as important. If we don’t offer a product that another local cosmetic clinic does, there is usually a very good reason for that. It’s not because we couldn’t get stock, or a distribution license, or we don’t know how to use it. It’s because we won’t. And that is an important difference. The Clinic Lisburn Road will only use top grade premium products. Cosmetic Treatments that give the results we expect and our customer expect.

So when our customers ask us, why we use premium products that might be a little more expensive, it’s because we know we can stand over how they work, and how they will make you look and feel. And that is the most important thing. We can also give you realistic expectation of how long the treatments will last, and when you may need a follow up treatment.

Another important thing to understand, is that not every person has the same skin type, muscle structure, bone structure or body fat. And that is why we tailor each treatment to what that person needs. This isn’t a production line. This is custom treatment. What your friend gets, isn’t necessarily what you need. They might need more of a product than you do. People talk about how many ML (millilitres) of such and such a product they get. And how much they paid per ML. That should never be the measure of your cosmetic treatment. It should first and foremost be what you need. And that is why we love our customers asking us questions.

So feel free to contact us for a chat about our cosmetic treatments, or a free consultation. We love to hear from new people. Or if you prefer, send us a message through our Facebook Page.