If we could turn back time…

If we could turn back time…

Summer is when we revel in the good weather, enjoy long balmy evenings and everyone looks and feels that bit healthier.

What we don’t sometimes realise, is how much the sun can have an untold effect on our skin and have long-lasting consequences, sometimes irreversible.

Wrinkles, dark spots, and unwanted aging are among the damage inflicted by UV, but there are methods to prevent and lessen the long-term effects.

Experts are continually shedding light on new ways to reverse the problems caused by the sun, but can we eliminate them altogether?

At The Clinic, Lisburn Road, Jackie and her team have a range of skin treatments to revitalise skin and maintain that healthy glow, lessening the effects of any nasty rashes or sunburn.

Skin peels

Removing damaged layers of skin so new, fresh skin can come to the surface, Epionce Skin Peels cause the dead layers of skin to break down and separate the oils and water that hold skin cells together. The dead skin then peels off so new healthy skin cells can appear.

The peel works by penetrating the lower layers of the epidermis to boost the cell renewal process towards the surface. This stimulates the production of brighter, flawless skin which will take away those fine and dull lines. This helps the skin look brighter and feel smoother.

Peels are also recommended to halt the sign of aging. As we age, the process of renewing healthy skin cells slows down which creates a dull appearance, skin left feeling oilier and prone to break-outs.

If your moisturiser is no longer protecting your skin, this is a fantastic treatment to give your skin that extra boost. Ingredients include anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-bacterial actions to help reduce redness and sun damage.

Peels can also be used on your neck, chest, back, arms and legs, not just your face. Peels can be applied every two to four weeks and we also have a range of Epionce skin products to use at home.


Earlier this year, Allergan launched Volite by Juvederm, a revolutionary injectable treatment that can improve skin quality with a clear focus on hydrating the skin to smooth out fine lines and increase elasticity.

Deborah Elwiss-McNally, one of the UK’s most experienced practitioners, will administer this treatment at The Clinic, with only one treatment required for results that will last almost a year. Suitable for use on the face, neck and hands, Volite uses Hyaluronic Acid injected intradermally to improve texture, tone and luminosity with deep hydration of the skin.

Too much sun exposure can leave our skin stretched and strained but Juvederm Volite will improve the overall quality and radiance of your skin while simultaneously sorting scarring or blemishes.

How to book

If you would like further information, a confidential medical consultation or to book a treatment, contact Jackie Donnelly at The Clinic on 028 9066 3063.