How do you pick the best Cosmetic Clinic for you in Belfast?

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How do you pick the best Cosmetic Clinic for you in Belfast?

With the rise in popularity of non-surgical aesthetics treatments, there has been a rise in the number of beauty salons in Belfast offering cheap cosmetic treatments. So how do you pick the best cosmetic clinic for you? 

Social media has a lot to answer for with people seeing pictures of celebs with perfectly smooth skin and big bouncy lips. Unfortunately some of these pictures may be ‘Facetuned’ to look that way.  Young followers aren’t to know what is and isn’t real and so they turn to cheap, high-street treatments of Botox and Fillers to get that ‘Insta’ look. And with many individuals and salons now using Facebook and Instagram to advertise treatments at ‘too good to be true’ prices as well, it’s a dangerous landscape.

Industry Changes

The industry is becoming so fraught that the Irish government is actually considering a ban on botox and cosmetic fillers for people under the age of 18. This comes after a considerable rise in youngsters seeking cosmetic treatments. Also the Department of Health and Social Care launched a campaign to warn people considering cosmetic procedures not to use unqualified beauticians or risk injuring themselves by doing it at home.

No matter your age if you are thinking about getting an aesthetic treatment, it’s important to remember a few key things when choosing your practitioner and getting the best treatment for you.

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It sounds basic, but speaking to someone who has already went through the treatment and talking about their experiences is a great first step.

As a rule of thumb, you should not automatically choose the cheapest clinic. Your decision should be based on finding a qualified aesthetic practitioner with adequate medical experience and training. Be wary of those who have got their qualifications at half day or one day courses. Lack of training doesn’t necessarily mean lack of talent but safety can be an issue. Simply put, if the offer for a treatment sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t risk your health to safe a few quid.

Use qualified aestheticians. As mentioned above, you want someone with experience and that should always mean medical experience. A medical practitioner will understand the composition of your face, how it is put together and ultimately how to avoid any mistakes, such as injecting into the wrong place. Unfortunately, in the UK, non-surgical aesthetics like Botox and fillers are unregulated, meaning that anyone, including yourself (YIKES), could inject it with no legal consequences.

Do your research! Get online and look at EVERY website you can. Belfast might be small but there are still plenty of options. Read reviews, check qualifications, check their social media. Do they come across as pushy salespeople or do they sound professional and experienced. You are doing this to look the best you can, don’t take the risk simply because you didn’t spend half an hour asking the right questions.

Are they doing it in a kitchen at a ‘Filler party’? Steer clear and opt for treatments in the setting of a clinic. You wouldn’t want a dentist to pull your tooth out in your living room, would you? You want to make sure your treatment takes place in the most sanitary conditions to ensure you minimise the risk of infection.

Why pick The Clinic for your Cosmetic Treatments in Belfast?

At The Clinic, all anti-wrinkle and filler injections are administered by our fully qualified aesthetic nurse practitioner, Deborah Elwiss-McNally. When it comes to your face, you want to put it in the safest hands possible. Deborah has over 30 years’ experience in aesthetics and has trained with some of the best. From spending time in California to train with the internationally renowned plastic surgeon Mr Fred Brandt, to working at leading clinics on Harley Street in London, Deborah has trained with some of the best practitioners in the industry. At one point she was even the National Training Manager for a leading dermal filler company and has appeared on numerous TV shows to talk about non-surgical procedures.

Contact Us

The best way to start your procedure journey at The Clinic is with a one to one consultation to assess your needs, find the right treatment for you and get honest and confidential advice from your practitioner.

All procedures are administered by a fully qualified advanced aesthetic nurse practitioner. Prior to any treatment, the team at The Clinic will discuss any questions or concerns you might have.