Forever Young Thanks To Dermal Fillers

Forever Young Thanks To Dermal Fillers Image

Would  you spend £24000 and potentially see no results? No, neither would we. Dermal Fillers will give results.

It has recently been revealed that an average woman can spend more than £24,000 on wrinkle creams and treatments in a lifetime*, Jackie Donnelly, proprietor of The Clinic on Belfast’s Lisburn Road, illustrates how, in the long run, it can prove more cost effective to invest in muscle relaxing treatments which see guaranteed results.

Skin care is, and should, be an important part of every woman’s life. The face is the first place to show signs of aging as we get older. The skin becomes less firm because of sun damage and gravity, which causes frown lines and wrinkles. However, with an abundance of expensive skin care products available, each proclaiming to be the best new innovation or long proven treatment, it can be very confusing to decide which to believe and many women spend hundreds of pounds a month trying to find a solution to their skin concerns.

The recent revelation that, in a lifetime, an average woman can spend £24,000 on wrinkle creams and treatments comes as no surprise. With some products in high-end ranges costing more than £400 a pop, it’s inevitable that the annual beauty bill will quickly mount up. The study shows that four in ten women spent an average of £20-50 a month on wrinkle creams although 45% said they were unhappy with the results.

Two of my most popular treatments at The Clinic are the muscle relaxing treatments and dermal fillers – nonsurgical procedures that reduce wrinkles and facial lines. Depending on the client’s skin condition, these treatments can cost anything upwards of £195 and prove to be good value since their effects are guaranteed and last for many months.

Once a beauty secret for the rich and famous, these highly effective treatments are now being used by ordinary women all over the country as a highly effective solution to ageing skin which guarantee results within 72 hours.

I have continued to see an increase in the amount of clients requesting these treatments as they continue to defy the recession with consumers seeking better value from longer-lasting cosmetic treatments instead of relying on expensive skincare products.

In my experience, older women tend to be more cynical of claims made by beauty products. They feel that they have tried every new ‘miracle’ product on the market and continue to see minimal results. With the anti-ageing procedures I offer at the Clinic, they know the treatments are going to work, so they go for the guaranteed results.

A well administered treatment will leave the skin and face looking refreshed, rejuvenated and rested. In fact, many of my clients don’t even want their friends and husbands to know they have had a treatment – they simply want to maintain their youthful features without looking frozen.

At The Clinic I offer a free consultation to help you decide on the best choices for improving your particular skin type and condition and am always on hand to discuss any queries you may have. We offer not only Dermal Fillers and muscle relaxants, but a huge range of treatments. All procedures are administered by a fully qualified nurse practitioner who will discuss your skin concerns and help to formulate a skin care schedule.

For a free consultation, please Contact Us and we can discuss all aspects of your beauty needs. Our Facebook Page is also regularly updated with details about treatments and offers.

* poll of 3,000 women, carried out by the Transform group in 2011