Cheek to cheek

Cheek to cheek

High cheekbones are taking the beauty industry by storm! Women of all ages are spending hours in front of the mirror creating strange patterns on their face with many different shades of make-up, in order to achieve the perfect contouring effect.

Defined cheekbones are a classic beauty feature, with Audrey Hepburn being one of the first well known females to possess this highly sought after look. Chiselled cheekbones tend to create a very symmetrical face, which science has proven has much more appeal – a possible reason why the beauty trait is often found on the catwalk or on the front page of Vogue.

Believe it or not, it has long been thought that high cheekbones can also make you appear to be more approachable, while lower and more shallow cheekbones suggest that you are untrustworthy.

As we grow older, the hyaluronic acid, that makes our skin appear fuller and healthier, starts to diminish. Our skin becomes dry and facial volume decreases. Gravity pulls the skin down, resulting in folds and sagging, especially around the cheeks. An unbalanced diet, excess drinking and dramatic weight loss are other factors that can also contribute to a lack of lustre in the skin’s appearance. High cheekbones are right under the eye and the upper part of the nose. Low cheekbones, on the other hand, are toward the bottom part of the nose. For some, they might even be below the nose.

The Clinic on the Lisburn Road, offers the perfect cheek defining effect with a little help from their range of Juvederm dermal fillers. Long gone will be the days of buying three shades of foundation and sucking in your cheeks.

How can Juvederm help?

Juvederm is an injectable gel filler. Its active ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring substance which nourishes elastin and collagen, the fibres that make up the skin’s support structure. The filler also provides intense hydration from within to plump the skin. It adds instant volume to the apple of the cheek, as well as the areas above and below it.

Following a treatment using a Juvederm filler, you should notice that your facial contours appear fuller and rounder, giving your face a softer, more youthful appearance.

The Kardashians are well known devotees of the treatment which helps them create their infamous high cheekbones. Whilst the more obvious look is not for everyone, a much more subtle appearance can easily be achieved at the Clinic, where treatment will be tailored to each client’s individual facial shape and features and their desired finished look.

Dermal fillers are also a great choice of treatment if you desire voluptuous lips, and don’t forget The Clinic offers a number of other facial and body treatments, including Anti-Wrinkle injections, Epionce skin peels, Sclerotherapy and Endermologie.

All procedures are administered by a fully qualified aesthetic nurse practitioner. Prior to any treatment, the experienced team at The Clinic will discuss the process and talk through any questions or concerns you might have.