Avoid a ‘Diet Face’ disaster

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As summer comes to an end, so do our crash diets and beach bod lifestyles.  However, these can often result in excessive skin or weight loss, while sun damage and premature aging can leave us with sunken cheeks and wrinkles or fine lines.  Thankfully Jackie can prevent this with some key treatments at The Clinic, Lisburn Road.

When the countdown was on for the summer season, most of us went on intense diets in order to feel and look good by the time we reached the poolside.  As a result, our faces can sometimes appear exhausted and unwell.  Our cheeks tend to hollow and sink with dark circles and bags emerging under our eyes, while there is also an increase in wrinkles around the mouth and forehead.

As the cheeks are, literally, central to our overall appearance, there are ways to re-volumise with treatments that contour our faces, restoring a youthful look.  Once the cheeks have been lifted, we can begin to concentrate on the surrounding areas of our cheeks, such as brightening our eyes and smiles.  This is known as a “minilift”.

The Clinic, Lisburn Road, offers the first step in a range of non-surgical and non-invasive treatments to provide you that lift and restoration to assist in reversing the effects of aging and weight loss.  Book an appointment with The Clinic’s consultants to discuss what treatments are right for you and your skin.

Combating a Diet Face:

Dermal Filler Treatments in Belfast

Our cheeks can become sunken with age and rapid weight loss.  As our preparation for summer is over, it’s time to start improving our complexion with dermal fillers.  Non-permanent dermal implants are a great way to enhance cheeks, giving a quick, safe and effective way to achieve a more youthful look.

The Clinic offers two types of cheek enhancement fillers; Juvederm Voluma and Radiesse.

Juvederm Voluma contours the face and reverses the sagging that we get from weight loss and aging.  Radiesse erases lines and folds stimulating immediate volume and lifting the cheeks.  Both fillers restore the cheeks to a healthy and youthful appearance which also enhances existing features.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections aka Botox Injections

Once those sunken cheeks are gone, there may be a few fine lines and wrinkles that can be reduced around the eyes, mouth and forehead.  Anti-wrinkle injections are a popular non-surgical treatment to address these concerns and is virtually painless!  This treatment prevents the muscles from contracting by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles as such, the winkles will begin to relax and soften.

Results are visible within three to seven days with no recovery time needed.

Skin Peel Treatments

Epionce and Agera Skin Peels are the least expensive treatments for reducing cheek wrinkles.  Skin peels separate the superficial dead layers of skin from the healthy layer to ultimately produce a fresh new look diminishing those cheek wrinkles.  This is also ideal for sun damaged skin as a result of spending time by the pool or on the beach while being great for your pores and skin tone.  The Clinic, Lisburn Road, can provide products for home use to maintain that desired look.

What else can we do?

  • Drink, drink, drink plenty of water.  Your complexion will brighten once your body is hydrated leaving you feeling refreshed.
  • Smile! Keep your mouth closed and smile from ear to ear.  This is a great exercise for strengthening and toning muscles in your cheeks and face.
  • Stock up on the superb Epionce range of products which are not available on the High Street or online, only via accredited medical clinics. All contain natural skin-tightening properties that also improve the elasticity of the skin.

All procedures are administered by a fully qualified aesthetic practitioner. Prior to any treatment, the experienced team at The Clinic will discuss the process and talk through any questions or concerns you might have.