Lip Enhancements

Lip Fillers Belfast

Beautiful lips can enhance your look like no other feature can, as the mouth is one of the first things people notice when they meet new people, and a beautiful smile can transform a face. At The Clinic, lip fillers are used to enhance the natural look of your lips, giving them a more pleasant shape and size.

Lip filler treatments are performed using hyaluronic based products which help restore the lip’s fullness and definition. Lips will not only appear more attractive, they’ll also feel healthier, softer and more hydrated. Clients will also be able to request treatment that will transform their lips into curvy and voluptuous pouts made famous by Hollywood starlet, Angelina Jolie.

These injectable lip fillers can also help reverse a downward smile, add volume to thinning lips and smooth out vertical lines that extend from the lip’s border (smoker’s lines) or that extend downward from the corners of the mouth (marionette lines).

Lip Fillers Advice

The best advice we can offer you for when you decide you want to try lip fillers for the first time, is to have a clear picture of what you would like your lips to look like after the treatment. Our consultants at The Clinic will spend some time talking to you and examining you lips and face to give you the best options for your filler, but it’s a great first step if you have already spent some time thinking of the shape and size of lips you would ideally like. We have had decades of experience with this type of treatment, and will always discuss with you the best possible product and treatment for your particular skin type, age and desired shape.

As will all our treatments, and in fact all cosmetic treatments, the single most important advice we can offer, is to talk to the person planning to perform the procedure. Make sure they have great experience and the best qualifications, as all our staff at The Clinic have. Someone who has completed a short course dermal filler qualification is never going to give you the beautiful kissable lips you want, compared to a fully qualified Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner. 

How long do Lip Filler Treatments last?

The simple answer to how long do lip fillers last, is it varies. It depends on the metabolism of the person, the type of product that is used, the desired of plumpness of lip and how much they get. However on average they should last 6 months to a year, but it has been known for some to last up to three years. Your practitioner should be able to advise you during your consultation.

At The Clinic, a choice of non-permanent, reputable dermal fillers such as Juvéderm, Restylane Lipp and Volbella are available and will help achieve a more alluring look without intrusive surgery or a long recovery time, leaving you ready to smile with a new-found confidence.

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